History of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has been around for a very long time, and the history about plastic surgery dates back hundreds of years ago. Skin grafts were used to repair and reconstruct spots in the human skin back in the early times, this was done by medical practitioners or doctors alike. There was a doctor in India back in the day that made history because he succeeded doing a surgery on reconstructing a nose. The portion of the skin that he used was taken from the forehead. Back in the ancient times, performing surgeries on nose amputations were illegal by the law. Few centuries have past, other doctors or medical practitioners practiced and performed techniques that were rather simple to do, like repairing parts of the body that were damaged.

There was also a doctor in Europe that performed surgery on a person, it was a plastic surgery and it was done in a simple way. The doctor removed the skin from the back of the arm and sewed it back in place. In the 19th and 20th centuries, plastic surgery had become way more advanced from constant practice and experience from the doctors or medical practitioners that have done these kind of things. It was more dangerous performing and undergoing plastic surgery back in the day due to the lack of equipment and technology. The United States was the first country to ever have its first plastic surgeon. The said plastic surgeon performed a surgery, which was his first, on a cleft palate which dated back in the early 1800s. The liposuction Manhattan surgeon was the one who provided and designed his very own tools and equipment for the surgery.

There was a very popular doctor who was dubbed the father of modern plastic surgery, the popular doctor was able to devise and develop numerous techniques and skills for performing modern plastic surgery for patients. The said father of modern Manhattan tummy tuck surgery was more aimed in performing surgeries on people or patients who have suffered injuries to their faces during the war. Plastic surgery is a term or a general term of instrumental treatment operations for aesthetic purposes. The Greek word "plastikos" was the original term for plastic, which was used in the term of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is comprised with two main principles which have different concepts and also require people who have experience in the certain fields of it.